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Disabled Theater (2012 / recent demonstration: 30.09.2016)

A collaboration with Jérôme Bel

The choreographer Jérôme Bel has been interested since his early works in what stands beyond representation. In his choreographic works the rules of dance and theater are treated like the syntax of a language that is analyzed and eventually put into play. Danced and spoken by professional as well as by amateur performers, his choreographies could also be seen as statements in favor of the democratization of dance, which he pursues in a way of a non-virtuous approach.

In a society that defines itself as profoundly normal, disability forms a boundary against which the category of normality runs up. Its intellectual declension — i.e. mental disability — is generally thought of in terms of complete otherness to the condition of the intellectually keen and cultivated public of experimental theatre. Bel chooses to bring this handicap to the core of the attention of this public, adopting it as a key to the reading of what enables us to think of a common dimension. 

In working with the actors of Theater HORA Bel would like to point out that the most important thing is the opening up of a space where disability is not expelled from visual and discursive practices nor hidden behind the screen of political correctness, but is instead internal to a discourse that has a bearing on both, the aesthetic and political dimensions.  

With Disabled Theater Bel sheds light on the dynamics of exclusion that leads to the marginalization of those who are considered as unable to produce. With this work Bel tries to expose that, on contrary, they are able to question the very mechanisms of representation and to hint at existence as a non-partitioned mode of presence.

Chiara Vecchiarelli

world premiere: 10 may 2012

vimeo (ask for the password)



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26.11.2016  20:00
San Casciano di Val Pensa
Teatro Comunale Niccolini

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