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Welcome to the world of Theater HORA!

Theater HORA is one of the best known professional theatre of people with disabilities in Switzerland.
Take the chance to become a member of Theater HORA. As member you are able to support the work and projects of the theatre.
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13.11.2016  18:15
HORA`BAND - Zürich

26.11.2016  20:00
Disabled Theater - San Casciano di Val Pensa

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Information about the association Theater HORA


The general meeting was on the 20th april 2016

We are very glad to announce the new elected members of the board:

Solveig Butenhoff
Alex Oberholzer
Katharina Stoll-Zurbuchen
Mark Zumbüh

If you follow the link of Verein Theater HORA you will find informations about the general meeting.

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Searching an assistent to the director


Please read the german site

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Theater HORA receives the Swiss Grand Award for Theatre / Hans Reinhart Ring 2016


Theater HORA in Zurich receives the Swiss Grand Award for Theatre / Hans Reinhart Ring 2016. The award from the Federal Office of Culture recognises an institution that for 25 years has enabled people with learning difficulties to engage in professional theatre. It was presented at the Théâtre de Carouge in Geneva in the presence of Federal Councillor Alain Berset. The Swiss Theatre Awards presentation ceremony took place at the opening of the 3rd Swiss Theatre Encounter, which was held for the first time in French-speaking Switzerland. Further accolades went to Jean-Quentin Châtelain, Barbara Frey, Germain Meyer, 400asa and Junges Theater Graubünden.

On the recommendation of the Federal Theatre Jury, this year’s principal honour in the Swiss Theatre Awards goes to Theater HORA, in recognition of its extensive work with people with disabilities. HORA is known for its uncompromising artistic approach and has established a strong international reputation. The group was founded by theatre educator Michael Elber in 1989 and became part of the Stiftung Züriwerk in 2003. Since 2009 Theater HORA has also offered an accredited drama training for people with learning difficulties. Its production “Disabled Theater” by the French choreographer Jérôme Bel was performed at the Berlin Theatertreffen in 2013 and earned a Swiss Dance Award. Theater HORA has since toured worldwide.

The Swiss Grand Award for Theatre / Hans Reinhart Ring continues the tradition of Switzerland’s most important theatre award, which was presented from 1957 to 2013 by the Swiss Society for the Dramatic Arts (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Theaterkultur, SGTK). It carries prize money of CHF 100,000. The 2014 winner was the director Omar Porras from Geneva, while the 2015 award went to Stefan Kaegi, the Swiss member of the German- Swiss theatre collective Rimini Protokoll in Berlin. As a symbol of the tradition, the winners receive the Hans Reinhart Ring. A publication in four languages on Theater HORA will also be published in autumn by the SGTK as part of the MIMOS. Swiss Theatre Yearbook series. 

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Coproduction planed by Theater HORA and Schauspielhaus Zurich with Milo Rau - Premiere february 2017


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Theater HORA receives Recognition Award by Paul Schiller Foundation


The Paul Schiller Foundation has awarded the HORA Theater with a Recognition Prize of 100'000 Swiss francs. The Recognition Award goes to individuals or institutions who have achieved something outstanding for the general public. In their laudatios former Federal Councillor Moritz Leuenberger and the Hans-Reinhard-Ring-Prizewinner Ruth Oswalt have expressed their appreciation for and the importance of Theater HORA's work.



Partnership Theater HORA with research project DisAbility on Stage


The research project “Disability on Stage" funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation at the Institute for Performing Arts and Film at the Zurich University of the Arts explores the Physical in Performing Arts Practices.  It’s an interdisciplinary collaboration with the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, the University of Basel and the University of Bern. This cooperation brings together a team with members from national universities, art schools, dance and theatre companies and theatre and dance festivals by including the three major Swiss language regions. The focus of the project is to reflect body concepts on stage during an education period, to reflect body concepts in the art practice and to reflect body concepts in the theatre scientific discourse.

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Books, CDs and DVDs

Disabled Theater (Book)


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Theater HORA - The only difference between us and Salvador Dalí is that we aren't Dalí (Book with CD and DVD)


The Book can be ordered by contacting us. But it is also possible to pick it up directly at the office of Theater HORA.

Pick up price: CHF 20 // home delivery: CHF 40


Benjamin Wihstutz: “Theater Hora: The pleasure of failure“


Wihstutz: “Actors with cognitive disabilities are able to broaden the theatrical horizon in many different ways, wether it be a a new kind of virtuosity in dance, a new take on certain characters in classical drama, an appreciation oft he maladjusted and unpredictable in performance. The political potential of groups like Theater HORA therefore does not lie in the achievement to play a part in regular theatre, neither could it be reduced to fighting for equal rights and social acceptance. Rather, it lies in the subversion of basic conventions and norms of the theatre itself, and, last but not least in the resistance of the continuous tendencies of assimilation, normalisation and suppression of disabled people in our society.“

Benjamin Wihstutz: “Theater HORA: The pleasure of failure“, in: Florian Malzacher (Hg.): “Not just a mirror. Looking for the political theatre of today“, Alexander Verlag Berlin. Bestellung hier...

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HORA'BAND: Raumschiff HORA (Spaceship HORA)(CD)



HORA'BAND: So schön wie nie (As beautiful as never)(CD)



Ich will Millonrein werden. 10 fantastische Jahre Theater HORA (Book)



Aber auch ich (But me as well)(DVD)


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