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Welcome to the world of Theater HORA!

Theater HORA is one of the best known professional theatre of people with disabilities in Switzerland.
Take the chance to become a member of Theater HORA. As member you are able to support the work and projects of the theatre.
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Swiss Dance Award to Theater HORA


The Federal Office of Culture honoured the first ever winners of the Swiss Dance Awards today in a ceremony at the Equilibre theatre attended by Federal Councillor Alain Berset.


The Alfred-Kerr-Darstellerpreis to Julia Häusermann


Our actress Julia Häusermann was honored with the Alfred-Kerr-Darstellerpreis. It's an award which prizes the outstanding achievement of a young actress or a young actor in the context of the Berliner Theaterfreffen - in Julia's case it's her role in "Disabled Theater".


22.04.2014  20:00
Freie Republik HORA - Zürich

24.04.2014  20:00
Freie Republik HORA - Zürich

25.04.2014  20:00
Freie Republik HORA - Zürich

05.05.2014  20:00
Mars Attacks! - Zürich

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Recent video

Die Lust am Scheitern Beitrag auf art-tv
Die Lust am Scheitern Beitrag auf art-tv




HORA tanzt dessen ungeachtet (a video dance project)


We are looking for people who want to give us 5 minutes of their life.

Your task:
Make an appointment with Michael Elber (, take your favorit music on CD or iPod with you and then...: show us your way to move! Your show will be filmed once and after that, your part will be added to the film you see above.

Our consideration:
You will become a part of our HORA anniversary video "HORA tanzt dessen ungeachtet" and you are part of the HORA history!

Your prize:
Fun, joy, and an encounter with the actors and actresses of Theater HORA.

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