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Welcome to the world of Theater HORA!

Theater HORA is one of the best known professional theatre of people with disabilities in Switzerland.
Take the chance to become a member of Theater HORA. As member you are able to support the work and projects of the theatre.
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05.03.2016  19:00
Randen Saft Horror - Zürich

19.03.2016  19:00
Zyklus - Zürich

16.04.2016  19:00
Die Räuber - Zürich

13.05.2016  nn:nn
Disabled Theater - Macau

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HORA performing in Berlin at the NO LIMITS FESTIVAL


Every night a HORA-show. (6 - 11 nov)

Take a look to the festival homepage of No Limitis (5 - 15 nov)

(Screenshot of the rehearsels on the set for Hitchcocks-Remakes)


Recognition Award by Paul Schiller Foundation


The Paul Schiller Foundation has awarded the HORA Theater with a Recognition Prize of 100'000 Swiss francs. The Recognition Award goes to individuals or institutions who have achieved something outstanding for the general public. In their laudatios former Federal Councillor Moritz Leuenberger and the Hans-Reinhard-Ring-Prizewinner Ruth Oswalt have expressed their appreciation for and the importance of Theater HORA's work.



Partnership with research project DisAbility on Stage


The research project “Disability on Stage" funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation at the Institute for Performing Arts and Film at the Zurich University of the Arts explores the Physical in Performing Arts Practices.  It’s an interdisciplinary collaboration with the Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, the University of Basel and the University of Bern. This cooperation brings together a team with members from national universities, art schools, dance and theatre companies and theatre and dance festivals by including the three major Swiss language regions. The focus of the project is to reflect body concepts on stage during an education period, to reflect body concepts in the art practice and to reflect body concepts in the theatre scientific discourse.


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Since Summer 2009, Theater HORA - Stiftung Züriwerk offers a two-year apprenticeship to interested young adults with mental disabilities. On finishing the apprenticeship they are offered a job as part of the Theater HORA ensemble.

11 - 29 january 2016

More informations (in german)

Recent video

Oh Happy Day
Oh Happy Day


The HORA-Book!


The Book can be ordered by contacting us. But it is also possible to pick it up directly at the office of Theater HORA.

Pick up price: CHF 20 // home delivery: CHF 40


We don't perform OKKUPATION! anymore!


With the successful implementation of the International Theatre Festival OKKUPATION! 2013  a long-standing und exemplary era of work came to his end: Theater HORA decided to not longer perform the festival because of the increased demands and the scarce human and financial resources. The decision was not easy but necessary because of a needed re-organisation of the theatre. HORA will stand up to find new operators for the established and respected festival.

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